Food Combining
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Lose Weight and Lower Cholesterol EASILY with FOOD COMBINING 

Did you ever wonder why someone could lose weight, lower cholesterol, and feel better doing programs so incredibly different as the Atkin’s Diet OR a vegetarian diet?  Most people are shocked to find out that the combinations and timing that you eat your meals is as important as what you eat! You’ll be shocked to know what foods are best combined and when you should eat them. Even low-cal diets with foods not properly combined will make you overweight or underweight, and unhealthy.  If you can’t digest it, where does all that food go?   Proper combining of foods improve digestion and your body's absorption of the nutrients in your food.  It is not only what we eat that is crucial to our health, but what we digest and assimilate into our bodies.   On the flip side, combining the wrong types of foods together can actually impede your digestion, make you become overweight or underweight, and prevent you from getting the nutrients from the foods that you were hoping to get!  Subluxations can also be caused by poor nutrition because your nervous system is activated by what you feed it with… poor nutrition gives you poor nerve flow.  Incomplete digestion and inefficient metabolism cause fat and cholesterol to accumulate in the body.  Even a low calorie diet of foods in poor combination, or overcooked or over processed foods will still leave sticky deposits in your arteries, just like a car engine with the wrong mix of fuels “will leave carbon deposits on the spark plugs of an engine, clog the pistons, and create foul gaseous exhaust." (Daniel Reed, Food Combining). Enzymes are the Key!
Various foods require different digestive juices and enzymes in order to break them down, and allow your body to absorb their nutrients. Foods also require different lengths of time to digest. Your body secretes digestive enzymes in very specific amounts and at very specific times. So, for optimal digestion and assimilation, it is best to eat foods in simple and compatible combinations.  Digestive enzymes can also help digest food more effectively. Enzymes are killed with cooking and processing so we suggest you take one to two digestive enzymes before you eat any cooked foods We have provided 3 different charts for you to begin your food combining diet.  Starting with the Beginner's Food Combining, you'll have some simple tips to remedy poor combining "the morning after," as well as some great info. to start combining groups foods that will improve your health.  As your diet and discipline improves, you can move on to the Intermediate Chart, which categorizes 4 types of fruit, and the optimal ways to combine them.  Finally, once you have integrated the basic food combining principles into your diet, you'll want to check out the Advanced Food Combining Chart.  The advanced chart gets more specific about certain foods, and provides you with more information regarding which ones are healthiest!