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1.      Divide your day into three food combining segments: preferably eat fruit only in the morning, protein at lunch, and a starch for dinner.


2.      Some days you may want to eat your protein lunch as a starch-legume meal, which makes a complete protein.


3.      If you experience a four o'clock energy slump, try saving some of your lunch to recharge your batteries.


4.      If you miscombine by eating starches with protein, eat some legumes with the starch, and the starch will become a complete protein.


5.      Never eat nuts without also eating some acid fruit with it.

6.      I choose not to eat dairy products, but I do eat foods high in calcium so that I get a sufficient amount of it in my diet.


7.      If you do eat dairy,' combine it with an acid fruit, especially pineapple, that contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps the stomach digest dairy.


8.      When drinking alcohol, follow these rules:


a.       Drink two glasses of water for every one ounce of liquor, four ounces of wine, or eight ounces of beer.


b.      Drink beer and grain alcohol (vodka, scotch, rye whiskey, sake, etc.) when eating starches.


c.       Ideally, you should drink wine and champagne only with fruit.


9.      Drink spring or bottled water only.


10.  Drink liquids fifteen minutes before eating or one hour after eating.