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DANGER: Don't Cook with Olive Oil!


That’s right, you read it correctly, do not cook with olive oil because it’s dangerous to your health.  Numerous scientific studies show continually that olive oil is one of the best sources of the Omega oils that YOU NEED for a healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system…BUT what they often neglect to tell you is that those wonderful BENEFITS ARE ALMOST COMPLETELY DESTROYED once you heat the oil!  That’s right, the process of heating oils can cause the fats to become carcinogenic; which means causes CANCER!  Heating causes enzymes to be destroyed, proteins are denatured, fats become carcinogenic, carbohydrates (sugars) become caramelized, vitamins and minerals become less available, and water is eliminated.


    So how do you get the wonderful benefits of these essential oils into your body in a healthy way?… great question!  If you are having a salad or any other raw food use the oil as a topical dressing LIBERALLY.  Enjoy the rich fatty flavor of these life-giving nutrients.  If you are having a cooked meal I suggest first cooking in a base of water and chopped onions instead of oils… believe me, you can cook just about anything in this base and it enhances the healthy flavors of the food being prepared.  Another great alternative to cooking in oil is steaming.  Steaming is also another wonderful option for cooking your food.  Steaming allows the nutrients to remain in the food better than boiling.  And for all you southern cookers out there…. STOP FRYING EVERYTHING!  Give your heart a break, eat well and live your Extraordinary Life!